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Accra at a Glance

Accra is the Capital of Ghana

Accra is a city in West Africa

Accra houses other natives from Ghana including; Ewe, Akan, Fanti, Dagbani, Dagaaba et al

Accra speaks English

Accra has a Population of about 4 million

Accra is Natively GA ethnic Group

Accra has a Longitude of 7.9465 N

Accra has a Latitude of 1.0232 W

Accra just as the entire Ghana has GHC (Cedi) as her Currency

Accra’s time zone is GMT

Accra’s Climate is Hot and Humid all year round with slight rains (Temp avrg: 26.6 °C | 79.9 °F)

Accra is 37m above Sea Level

Accra is the seat of Government and practices Democracy

Accra as Greater Accra has a total of 29 Metropolitan and District Assemblies

Accra is very Hospitable

Accra has 24 Commercial Banks

Accra has 25 Savings & Loans Companies

Accra accommodates Ghana’s Premium Sea and Air Port